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Birds of Old Gombak Road

Old Gombak Road is located between low land forest leading to a town called Bentong. Although the road is narrow and full of trucks and cyclist but it has the potential to produce lifers. Here are some of the birds seen:

This Scarlet-Backed Flowerpecker was spotted at around 7.30am and it was still pretty dark then. At F5.6 that was the best i could managed.

Initially this bird was recorded as a common raffles malkoha but after checking further i discovered that it was actually a Red-Billed Malkoha ! Its diagnostic red bill, rufous throat and chest area and greyish belly can be seen in these 2 photos. Amazing that i could not spot these features with my bins. This shows that at times we do need to have photo-id. These photos were taken right after the scarlet-backed flowerpecker.
Next bird was a juvenile Brown Shrike, i think (Note: from cross-references, this bird could also been a Juvenile Female Brown Shrike)

Most babblers are sulking but at times they do give a window of opportunity to…

Birds of Bukit Kutu, Selangor

Bukit Kutu is well famous amongst the trail blazers and hill climbers. As far as birding activities are concern little have been reported in the area. I decided to visit the place today and see for myself what it has to offer in terms of birding.

These birds look like Asian Brown Flycatchers.
A Black-Headed Bulbul singing its heart's out.
A view of a lake created by the Selangor Dam. This place actually has many more birds than it appears here. The birds here were however either too fast or well hidden for my camera to zoom in on them.

Birds of Serendah - Nov 2011

Today I went to Serendah and this time i bumped into an "orang asli" (aborigines) who is kind enough to show me a new place which he said has a lot of big "burung bangau" (Herons).  He told me he has seen these birds quite often and at times locals could pick up its chicks which have dropped down from the trees.

From afar i could see a colony of herons but could not quite establish their type except for the Grey Heron in the middle. So I asked the guy whether we could get a bit closer and he told me no problem. When we reached there i could see fresh wild boar tracks - possibly 5 -6 six of them. He led the way through thick shrubs and weeds but somehow he could still lead me right below the tree where the herons were located. Here is a Purple Heron. Saw about - 6-7 of them flying around as they have spotted us below them. The roost area consisted mainly of Purple Herons and one lone Grey Heron. You could see the Purple Heron attending to its nest. We saw close to 4 -5…

Waders at Teluk Air Tawar, Penang - 24 Oct 2011

I have now realise that the best times to see/photograph waders and waterbirds are in the morning since most photos i have seen are during that hours between 8.00am - 9.45am. Not satisfied with the earlier day's catch, I went to watch the waders again on the following day (24 Oct 2011). The second day did not yield more birds but it certainly offers a more diversified / varieties of waders and waterbirds. Here are some of them including the common ones:

This is a more common Striated/Little Heron. Saw two of them today.
We did not see this Bar-Tailed Godwit on the first day.
A Cattle Egret in flight.
So as this Pond Heron - not sure which type.
A Cattle Egret looking for fishes to eat before roosting.
This is a one legged Curlew Sandpiper.
A Common Greenshank wondering what has happened to its worms.
A lone Whimbrel marching across the mudflat.
A group of Whimbrels.
This is a Common Greenshank - also looks like a marsh sandpiper to an untrained eyes.
Another unidentified Pond Hero…