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Identification of Swiftlets and Swallows (PART 1)

Would you be able to filter out which species of swiftlets and swallows from this flock? The answer to this question can range from "quite easy" to "near impossible".  Let me begin with the difficult ones first.
Avian literature on some bird species has been limited or otherwise scarce. At times their conclusion can be both confusing and challenging for most bird-watchers as well as the common people. One of the bird species in question should be the study on swiftlets. While the taxonomy of some swifts and swallows are straight forward and indiscreet throughout its range, for example "Whiskered Treeswift" (Hemiprocne comata), Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica) and House Swift (Apus affinis), however there are some of which are still in the state of flux, particularly the swiftlets.
"The taxonomy study of South-East Asian swiftlets has proved challenging due to their limited variation in size and plumage coloration" { Earl of Cranbrook …

Birds and Critters of the Mangroves - Dec 2015

Ever thought of having a tea reception here?
It felt like autumn but with a bit of humidity plus some mozzies and critters which may join you for the fun.

While exploring the mangrove area recently, i came across this "rare visitor" foraging deep inside the mangrove. I didn't really get his name but i believe he is either a zoologist or perhaps a naturalist. While you are with a group of people, how would you know whether the person is a birder or not? Here are some pointers which you can look out for:
* He would try to name his son, "Albatross Lee" and his daughter "Niltava Smith".
* He would prefer to listen to the calls of Blyth's Pipit than the songs of Beatles.
* He would spent long hours looking at the photos of the birds rather than his wife's photos.
* He would decorate his house with things with bird motifs example mugs, wall paintings, clay figurines, etc
* He would insist that the pair of earrings with two doves is the nicest thing …