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Flora of Fraser's Hill

Fraser's Hill is not only famous for its birds but it has also a variety of nice flowers to look at. As we go bird watching in Fraser's Hill recently, we came across a number of beautiful flowers blooming just along the road side. I am not a plant expert so you will just need to guess for yourself what are these flowers:

This image was taken just after the rain stops.
A male Black-Throated Sunbird was seen flying just like a humming bird around these flowers.
Some really nice purple flowers.
This image is the best so far.
These flowers look like some hanging light bulbs.
This was one unique flower which we saw along the trail.
There could probably be a dozen more flowers to see out there but all these God's creations are certaintly a sight to behold.

Bird Watching @ Fraser's Hill - March 2012 - Pt II

This is a continuation from the first part when we left Jelai Resort and went straight to Pine Tree Trail.

Here is the view from Pine Tree trail. From this place one could see the valley below as well as any big birds which may fly across.

Here is the smiling Mark Winter in front of the Pine Tree trail. He certaintly doesn't look a bit like a British Secret Agent, does he? There were not many birds here although we heard a few bird calls which i was not able to id them. We walked down to just about two hundred meters into the trail and then decided to turn back. Mark however did saw a large Niltava as well as a white throated fantail from the road side.

From Pine Tree trail we drove down to a more familiar trail - the Bishop Trail.

Today we saw just a few birds here and this Large-Billed Crow was one of them.
As they were little bird activities here so we decided to walk down to Hemmant Trail.

This was the only bird we saw at this trail - a Rufous-Browed Flycatcher. We had gre…

Bird Watching @ Fraser's Hill - March'2012 - Pt 1

Fraser's Hill is still one of the best place to watch birds in this region. Recently Mark Winter, an expert in shorebirds (as described in States)  / waders (as pronounced in UK)  from England who has also declared himself as a Sunderland football club supporter visited the hill. We arrived at Fraser's Hill close to 10.30am as we were birding along the winding trunk road - the first bird we saw along the way was this Crested Serpent Eagle.

Certaintly looks like a well fed eagle. This raptor was seen after the Selangor reservoir area.

We also heard and saw a Moustached Babbler which calls (as verified by Mr Choo Jiin Hwa) was really loud and clear. Unfortunately i am not able to download the calls here. After having tasted the delicious "nasi lemak" and a cup of tea in Fraser's Hill, we headed to our first destination - JELAI HIGHLANDS RESORT. Here are some of its common resident birds:

This is a Long-Tailed Sibia feeding on a papaya given by the resort's staf…

An Afternoon Bird Watching in Kemensah - March 2012

Recently i had an opportunity to go bird watching with an "orang putih" who wishes to see our low land forest birds. We started around 2.45pm and due to the humid conditions the images gathered were not so good. Nevertheless we were able to see some interesting birds.

This is a male Baya Weaver guarding its nest. This is a Large Woodshrike which has just taken a dip at a nearby marsh pond.
Images of woodpeckers always fascinate me - this is a male Crimson-Winged Woodpecker.
This is a male Whiskered Tree-Swift in its breeding colors.
We also saw a group of Jungle Mynas and this was one of them.
Other birds which was seen in this area were as follows:

White-Rumped Munia - (5) - seen near the car park area.
Stripe-Throated Bulbul - (3) - seen foraging along the trail.
Red-eyed Bulbul - (5) - seen along the trail.
Asian Brown Flycatcher - (1) - was foraging silently.
Black & Yellow Broadbill - (1) - only heard its calls.
White-Throated Kingfisher - (1) - was flying across n…

Birding at Bukit Tinggi - March 2012

Bukit Tinggi is located about an hour's drive from KL. It has a slightly lower elevation than Fraser's Hill but certaintly not short of birds variety.

Some breathtaking views from above. On the way up we heard lots of birds' call notably pin-stripped tit babblers. We also saw a raptor - believed to be a changeable-hawk eagle perched on top of a lamp post.
This is a friendly Silver-Breasted Broadbill (Male). No wonder so many photographers are keen to go to this place.
Here is another shot of the Silver-Breasted Broadbill (Male).
This is a female Silver Breasted Broadbill wearing a thin necklace.
This is another friendly bird - a Grey-Throated Babbler.

We went to a place where the Hill-Blue Flycatcher was said to frequent. Well we did not see them but saw a Siberian Blue Robin instead as verified by Yang Chong :) I believe i may have also seen a similar one at Bishop Trail previously.   
We also saw a Blue-Crowned Hanging Parrot (a female i think).
This is a Grey-Chinned…