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Birding in Serendah

A couple of days back i decided to do some birding at one of my favourite spots. Birding started from 7.30am - 12.30pm. This time instead of the usual trail i decided to try a new trail which looks abandoned and deeper in the jungle. Besides been greeted with the sound of Great Argus calling and white-rumped sharma whistling, i have also encountered a black snake, squirrels and at least 3 types of monkeys. Here are some of the photos i have managed to capture:

A Male Asian Fairy-Bluebird - taken at abt 7.30am. It was still quite dark.
Its already late April and this fellow is still around! An Asian Brown Flycatcher.
Next up is this female Chestnut-Beasted Malkoha. Look at its shiny plumage.
Tis is a male orange-bellied flower pecker. Quite a lot of these birds here and they are quite friendly too.
A male buff-rumped woodpecker. Quite common here as well.
Looking for some worms in a dead tree-trunk. I saw at least two of them.
This is a male Ruby-Cheeked Sunbird - back view
Front view.
This is …

Birding at Malaysia's National Park (Part 2)

27 March 2011
On second day everyone were up very early and feeling very excited as usual. Our group leader just came back after having seen the large frogmouth. Now is our turn to get on the jeep (7.30am) and headed towards the foohill of Mount Tahan (Gunung Tahan).  After about a 14km (15 minutes) of cool ride we were dropped at a place where the Malaysian Mahseer (Kelah) fishes are rear. We were informed that they have a few kelahs weighting abt 8 kilo each in the sanctuary. That's big enough to feed an entire orang asli(aboriginies) family for a day! After some sight-seeing session, we were down to birding again and here are some of the fantastic birds which i have managed to capture on the LCD screen:

The breeding sanctuary for the Malaysian Mahseer.
This is a juvenile hairy-backed bulbul. It was actually flapping its wings when i took its picture.   This is one of his parent sitting nearby. That is why the flapping behavior of the juvenile which was actually begging for foo…

Birding at Malaysia's National Park (Part 1)

After obtaining approvals from my "Home Minister" and the organisers, i joined about 17 die-hard birders for a 3 day-two nights (25 - 28 March 2011) birding excursion to our very own National Park (Taman Negara). We pushed out about 7.30am from KL heading towards Karak highway and passing through 3 towns, Bentong, Raub and Kuala Lipis before reaching our destination at about 11.30am. Along the way we saw some breath-taking views of the rainforest such as this:

A typical tropical rainforest

The signboard before the entrance of the trail
After a hefty lunch and unpacking and then rigging our gears, we were already out for a warm-up hike along the trail from 2.00pm to 7.00pm. Here are some the birds seen on the first day of our tour-de-Taman Negara:

A Stripe-Throated Bulbul
A male yellow-breasted flowerpecker
A buff-vented bulbul
These are Oriental Honey-Buzzards (OHBs) on their migratory passage. Despite so high up, my fellow birders were able to id them (close to 90). They ce…