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My Asian Water Birds Census - 2015 (Part II)

There are not many people who realise that there are some big differences between a birder and a bird photographer. A bird photographer is where you will see a bunch of people / a person with big lenses or at times medium size lenses standing, squatting or sitting at a particular place for hours and hours hoping to get the best photos from a particular species of birds. On the other hand a typical birder would go all out to climb the highest mountains, sail the 7 seas and forage into the deepest forest to see as many birds as possible and at the same time meticulously studying their features, abnormality, origins etc. Both types can be considered as "bird watchers extraordinaire" at the extreme ends but bird watching can be an exciting hobby to take up if you can space yourself in between the two extreme ends 
In watching birds especially waders, the best times would be early morning i.e between 7.30am - 11.00am (pleasant weather and good for photography as well) or late ev…

My Asian Water Bird Census - 2015 (Part 1)

The South Asia branch of Wetlands International has recommended the dates for Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) 2015 from 10 to 25 January 2015. They however added that these dates only served as guidelines as counts from any dates in January are very welcome. In Malaysia, the S'gor Bird Group from the Malaysia Nature Society (MNS) conducted AWC as part of their wader observation workshops which was a very good initiative and should be continued every year. I too did my small bit for AWC albeit on a smaller scale and on a personal capacity. 
3 trips to the mudflats along the coastline of West Peninsular Malaysia were made on 18 January 2015, 3 February 2015 and 18 February 2015 respectively. The locations were selected due to convenience and accessibility of the mudflats. They are summarised as follows i) Jeram-Kapar-Sungai Janggut, Selangor coastline (herein collectively referred to as 'Jeram Coastline') and ii) Air-Tawar-Belat-Kuala Muda Coastline (herein referred to as '…