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Gunung Nuang - Jan 2013

Hulu Langat area never fails to produce interesting birds for birders. Although the area is getting a bit of traffic lately but if you avoid the morning rush hour you can reach the place in about 30 minutes from KL. Today i went to look for birds at the base of Gunung Nuang and saw a pair of Red Jungle fowls. Before i could lift my camera they were gone - ran straight into the jungle and vanished. That was the first time i encounter a red jungle fowl in the area. The birds seen today consisted mainly from the bulbul family. Here are some of them:

 They (the bulbuls) were seen eating these berries.
Here are some other birds seen beside the bulbuls:
 This was actually the first bird which has greeted me. Quite a friendly fellow.
All his friends flew away when my camera was aimed at them except this fellow.

Located this miniature woodpecker from his calls rather then its drumming sounds. You can see that it has managed to make a little round circle on the tree trunk. Certainly a long way…

A Late Morning Birding along Old Gombak Road

At the very last minute i decided to look for birds at along the old gombak road with Mr CY Tan who was kind enough to join me at a very short notice. We reached the location i.e the first rubbish dump at around 11.00am and as expected you don't see many birds at this time. The cloudy day makes the trip a bit dull but nevertheless we did saw some birds albeit mostly common ones.

A usual winter visitor at this time of the year 

As both male and female have white patches on its tertials, it would be difficult to ascertain this bird's gender without seeing its ear coverts. 

Other birds heard and seen were as follows: i)  3 White-bellied Erpornis (Erpornis zantholeuca) - previously known as Yuhina. ii) 1 Dark-necked tailor bird ( Orthotomus atrogularis). iii) 1 Rufous woodpecker (Celeus brachyurus) iv) 1 Blue-eared Barbet (Megalaima australis) - heard call only.
The birds sighted on this trip will just be recorded as general information since the trip was for a very short ti…

Birding in JB - Jan 2013

For the brand new year i went to a new birding spot which is located at Janda Baik (JB) :-). Although there were no lifers but a few interesting birds did appear at this place.

Red-eyed bulbuls and Stripped throated bulbuls were the most common bulbuls spoted here.

According to Robson (2007) field guide, black hornbills are quite rare while Allen J & Pearson (2012) reported that it belongs to a Near Threatened category. This could be a female as most guide books described females as having smaller and blackish bill/casque. However do note that it has a broad white supercilium which usually points to a male bird ! So could this be a juvenile male bird then?

Scarlet Minivets (male & female) were presence here as well.

Its only early January however this White-rumped munia (Lonchura striata) is already in the midst of building a nest.

Although its a common bird but it is more often heard than seen. This fellow seems to be in a breeding mood as illustrated by its greyish colo…