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Back to Birding with the Cuckoos of Air Itam Dalam

Whenever i see a cuckoo i would try to take lots of their images as possible. They are after all one of those 'difficult' birds to be identified. You do not need to have great photos of the bird but as long as the subtle/prominent features can be seen you should be able to identify them or perhaps with some help from an experience birder.  I went again to Air Itam Dalam instead of Sungai Sedim forest recently in view of the weather and its shorter distance from my home. There are always some aura of mystery at this place i.e you will always expect to see something different each time you step into the area. This time three types of cuckoos were seen, however only two species were photographed. The first been an Indian Cuckoo.
According to Craig Robson's (2005) and Allen J's (2012) field guide, a female Indian Cuckoo has rufescent wash / rufous tinge across breast. Here you can see the feature and therefore the image suggests that it could be an adult female Indian Cuc…

Herping with MNS Herpetology Group - Nov 2014

In your younger days you might have done some crazy stuff like climbing up Bukit Tabur in the middle of the night, scuba diving in the sea full of sharks, going camping alone in a remote place or perhaps going out at night to look for frogs and snakes in the jungle! Fast forward 30 years later, i kinda rekindled my childhood adventures by joining the MNS Herpetology Group in one of their outings recently. The rain came just before the trip but it did not deter 21 enthusiastic adventures including a few children to gather around for some good outing.

Even before we set for the trek, our group leader Steven Wong has found this common whip snake. The children got really excited seeing their first wild snake. 
It looks menacing but it is totally harmless to humans.
The kampung name for this snake as i can recall was 'ular lidi' while some book also named it as 'oriental vine snake'. After a few photograph sessions, the snake was released back to its habitat. The good news…