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Common Birds and Winter Visitors of Sungai Chongkak - Nov 2015

The recent sightings of 3 mega birds by Noah Strycker here had activated my curiosity hormone yet again. I have planned to reach the location at the same time as his but was caught up a bit in the morning rush hour. It was about 8.00am by the time i set foot at the site and immediately i scanned the area which was still dark. After an hour i gave up but i did saw some birds for the very first time (first time here unfortunately did not mean a lifer but more of a first sighting of such birds at this location by myself). Let me start with the winter visitors.

This flycatcher had remained silent through out. Not a single whisper.

It looks like it has a tinge of yellow on its supercilium which resulted of me thinking that it could be a "flavissima" initially. Luckily Dave Bakewell has corrected its i.d before i could raised more unfortunate eyebrows.

This bird is believed to be a Siberian Blue Robin - probably a juvenile. If the i.d is positive then it looks like we do not have…

Backyard Birding - November 2015

Bird watching in your backyard usually does not produce many rarities but the common birds here can certainly give you some decent account of themselves. My 'backyard' birding was just a 15 minutes drive away from my home. Reached the site recently at about 6.55am, hoping to catch a glimpse of some nocturnal birds if possible. Well i actually did saw a nightjar flying from one thick foliage into another thicker foliage down the ravine. Can't really tell which species it belongs to except that it was a nightjar (i did caught a glimpse of its two white patches on its wings though).
In the early hours of the morning, things were a bit slow and quiet except for the sounds from some crickets and frogs which sounded like some ducks quacking. The birds were really not out from their siesta. As i was walking slowly along its trail, a brownish bird suddenly dashed across the trail. Heck! my heart did skipped a few beats as i reckoned it could have been a ferruginous babbler. So i …