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Birds of Genting Highlands - 2015 - Part II

This is a continuation from the first part of "Birds of Genting Highlands - 2015.

The color of its feathers certainly looks ashy alright but not sure why experts have re-named it as 'Cinereus bulbul" instead.

At times you can hardly see this flycatcher in your birding trips but other times they can just appear almost every where.
There have been some local research conducted in Puchong some years back on the effect of brood parasitism on the population of its host and it was found that the population of some of its host have indeed been reduced. However this babbler seem to have no effect.
I think Mountain Fulvetta is more common than Brown Fulvetta over here.

This could be a sub-adult bird and this was also the first time i have managed to take its photos.
Did not see the male this time.
You may asked me how did i know that it wasn't a common tailor bird instead ? Well just look at the color of their butt !
Here you go !
Here is an interesting looking bird. The colo…

Birds of Genting Highlands 2015 - Part 1

Genting Highlands is already well known for its theme parks and hotels (both locally and internationally). However not many people may realise that this place also offers a variety of birds and avifauna which can be mesmerizing. Here are some of the birds which can be seen at this highland and from the photos depicted here, you can roughly guess which part of the highlands that they have came from.
Too bad the male has refused to come out this time although it was calling from the bush right behind where the female was located.

Bet you can't find this bird in Penang Hill.

Quite a stunning looking bird but unfortunately there is nothing melodious about its calls.
This Long Tailed Sibia could have been a sub-adult cause its eyes is not quite that reddish yet.
Pacific Swallow Jr
The above juvenile Pacific Swallow was seen fed by the above adult bird. This time i saw quite a number juvenile fledglings of other bird species too. You can see more of them in later photos. Its Kids Power…