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Kuala Selangor Nature Park (KSNP) - Sept 2012

We did a trip down to KSNP again but this time we brought along a great Canadian couple with us. Most of the birds seen were lifers to them but on this trip there was also one or two surprises.
Surprise #1  This wise ol Owl could usually be seen during dawn and dusk but this time it was at the side of the trail way past 10.00am.

Surprise # 2

Although not unusual, this is the first time i have seen this flycatcher at this place. Its bright yellow color certaintly lit up the mangroves. We also saw the Mangrove Blue Flycatcher but this time it prefered to stay in the background.

Here are some of the other more "common" resident and migrant birds:

This fellow has caught a fish. We saw a total of 7 of this wader - mostly after the water has resided which was close to 13.00hrs.

Instead of foraging on the mudflats, this heron choose to hide in the mangroves.
 Unlike its relatives which would usually extend or retract their necks during flight, this heron's neck was held uprigh…

Other Birds of Bukit Tinggi - Sept 2012

Here are some of the birds which you may find at Bukit Tinggi area. Most of them were spotted at the lower range before the Japanese Garden and most of them were resident birds.

Same CSE seen circling just above the tree top.

Other Birds of Sungai Tekala FR - Sept 2012

Here are some of other birds which can be seen here:

 Can be differentiated from Cream-vented from its slightly less whitish iris color as well as the more brownish forehead

 Most of the time they can only be heard but today this fellow came quite close.

Birding in Semenyih - Sept 2012

This time I drove straight to the location where i have earlier seen the Black-and-White Bulbuls, hoping to see them again after slightly more than a month from our previous encounter. Most of the birds seen previously were still there today except for the banded kingfisher, violet cuckoo and unfortunately the Black & White Bulbuls. Here are some of the new birds seen:
This was the first bird seen in the early morning at this location. This Eastern-Crowned Warbler was also seen here. Looks like the migrants are back.

Its dark olive green plumage indicates a male bird 
The last time i saw this bird was at Old Pump Hse near Awana.
Here are some of the previously seen birds:

This image was taken a few days later. Can be differentiated from Greater Green leafbird from its smaller bill and its more yellowish head.
No this is not a bird but a comm