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A Close Encounter with Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus)

Many a times most people would prefer to watch wild animals in their natural surroundings. Some may even pay big bucks for it. Human-animal conflicts are inevitable in any urbanisation efforts. When we take away their habitat they have no other places to go but to find refuge or source for food in our world. Fortunately there are small pockets of forest reserve just outside the city to provide some shelter for these animals when a conflict happened.
A juvenile Asian Palm Civet had literally came 'knocking' at my balcony door at 5.00 in the morning on August 12. Initially thought as a mischievous cat trying to impose some spooky scratching sound but when i saw a long black tail, i knew i was seeing a different animal. I quickly went down to take my fishing net and waited awhile for some sunlight. At about 6.30am, i slowly open the balcony door and there it was, cuddling quietly at one corner. As i slowly place the net over it, suddenly it jumped up and tried to scale the balco…

A Birding Trip to Awana - June 2016

This customised day trip was intended to see as many bird species as possible within a day at this important hill station for bird life. A total of 26 species were seen and heard which included a diverse spread of common lowland sundaic birds as well as some much sort after mega specialities such as Red-Headed Trogon, Golden Babbler, and Malaysian Hawk Cuckoo. The journey along the Karak highway was nothing spectacular except for a flyby Creasted Serpent Eagle. 
The trip up to the hill station was accompanied by a symphony of chorus from Striped-Tit babbler, Grey-Throated babbler as well as some tailor birds. An obliging Oriental Magpie Robin was also seen hopping along the roadside. Reaching the site at about 8.15am. i have probably missed some early/nocturnal birds such as Collared Owlet and Slaty-backed Forktail which have been seen here before. This little set back was later compensated by a few bird waves that came soon after. Here are some of their photos: 

A common barbet whic…