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Common Birds of Cape Rachado - March 2016

You will probably realised by now that there are some things in this world which you can't really control - for example nature. Some even say it includes your mother-in law or perhaps your bosses too. But the most unpredictable of them all should be the weather. I decided to make a late trip on March 27 to this famous cape hoping to watch a bounty of migrant raptors flying across the Straits of Malacca. Unfortunately the wind was blowing towards the sea at that time. No birds would attempt to fly across the Straits in such conditions as it would be like driving against the traffic !
Nevertheless the resident birds did show up well and here are just some of them. Finally i was able to see its iridescent purple color throat.

Now you see it and now you don't !

From its scientific name you could probably guess that its main source of food are nectar.

Despite so many bees flying around, they did not stop this colorful sunbird taking nectar from the flowers.

Even its rump has some …