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Malaysia's Premier Birding Site - Part 2

After having seen the splendid Mugimaki up close, we went to Telekom Loop where we met up with a group from Thailand. These guys seem to know the place quite well as they were able to locate the residence of the elusive Pygmy Wren Babbler. We saw two this time.

Previously there were only two morphs i.e the dark morph and the pale morph then it was called "lesser scaly breasted wren babbler" and now i was made to understand that it is called a "Pygmy Cupwing". All these names must be the work of an overworked ornithologist who probably likes to eat cupcakes.

Stripped squirrels seem to be quite a familiar sight in the hills over at Peninsular Malaysia.

The cuckoo could have just swallow this little Chestnut-Crowned Warbler.  A quick look at the literature out there shows that the genus Cuculus is now split into three separate species i.e. i) C. lepidus (Sunda) , ii) C. saturatus (Himalayan) and iii) C. optatus (Oriental)  -  describing Sunda Cuckoo as having a more b…

Malaysia's Premier Birding Site - Part 1

This year i decided to skip Raptor Watch at Tanjung Tuan and drove straight up to Fraser's Hill. Met a couple of international birders/photographers from Thailand and Japan. We had splendid views of some birds although most of them were quite common up here.

At a glance you may think that this could be a bronze drongo but alas it was just a Lesser Racket-Tailed Drongo without its streamers.
You can see Nihon san is smiling here as he has just "shot" his fellow namesake country bird - the Mugimaki Flycatcher.
Some books have named this bird "Spectacled Laughingthrush" but its scientific name remained the same at the moment i.e. "Garrulax mitratus"

International birders/photographers have taken probably a few thousand shots of this bird alone. A beautiful bird from front to back. A good subject to test your photography skills as it is quite friendly as well.
A female Little Pied Flycatcher after taking a hot bath.
You can find more photos and informatio…

Bukit Tinggi Birds - Mar 2013

I have planned to try my luck at Awana OPH but it seems that the gate may be closed to public for an unforeseeable long time. So i went straight to Bukit Tinggi which was just a further 5 km away. This time i saw more birds although most of them are quite common.
The first bird seen was a Blyth's Hawk Eagle. Saw it as i was driving up. Look how close it flew near the road.

As i was climbing up, i saw this eagle circling above a tree top and trying to grab something.

Then i realised that the eagle was trying to catch these little stripped squirrels. There were plenty of them here.

No animal will move an inch once they see this eagle circling below the canopy but these little fellows (stripped squirrels) were faster and smarter - running down the tree trunks like crazy people.

Finally the eagle gave up and flew away. Although it may not be fully reported but a Penang birder (Chow Wai Mun) last saw this eagle here way back in 2009 (as per BiW records) 

Its blue cheek gave away its…