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Embracing the Colors of Nature - Birds, Reptiles etc - 2017

In ancient times, the worshipping of animal deities transcend across various cultures of the world. In ancient Egypt, birds for example are considered avatars of the Gods. Watching wildlife in action was like watching an orchestra playing in the jungle. It creates a sense of happiness, serenity and freedom but yet vulnerable in a world full of uncertainties and dodgy characters !
Here are some fascinating photos of nature, birds, lizards etc to wrap-up this incredible year. Hold your breath and enjoy the pleasure of viewing the various colors of nature. 

Always my favorite jungle bird. Although it has a repertoire of calls but i believe most birds would generally make 3 types of calls. They are: i) alarm calls, ii) mating calls/songs and iii) hunger calls. This male Dark-Throated Oriole was heard making some mating calls at a nearby female.

And here she is. Answering to the calls instantly. 

They would certainly make some nice X'mas tree decos.

According to the field guides, a gr…