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Birding in Ulu Langat Forest - May 2014

My birding journey in May 2014 continued with a trip back to the forest of Ulu Langat, Selangor. Photography wise, there were not many opportunities as the day was cloudy and most of the birds were up in the canopy. But for just less then 3 hours i was able to see and heard a total of 17 species of birds. Here are some of the "ok-lah" photos taken during this short outing:
This female sunbird has all the diagnostic features pointing it to an adult bird.
Most of the time you would only see this dove doing a fast zig-zag flight in between the forest trees.
Distinguished it from Yellow-Eared Spiderhunter (A. chrysogenys) by its clearer/broader ring around its eyes.

If you are familiar with this dove, you will realise that Little Cuckoo Doves are more often seen at hill stations rather than at a low land forest.  I believe the doves were most likely a pair as i saw courting behaviors among them whereby "head nodding" and "chasing maneuvers" were performed.  N…

Birds of Ulu Kali Mountain - May 2014

After spending a few exhilarating moments at the mudflats of Bagan Belat under the scorching sun, i figured that its about time to adjourn to a much cooler area. Some senior birders would gladly inform you that there are a few birding sites which you should continue visiting, just like it would be compulsory for you to visit your mother-in-law's house every month if not every week. Aside from Mount KK in Sabah or probably Gunung Telapa Buruk in Negeri Sembilan, i think there are not many mountains in Malaysia which are able to have such an amazing variety of birds in such a small loci.

The Mountain before the break of dawn.
A typical landscape of this Mountain.
The moss covered floor created a spongy like feeling when you walk on them.
As the sun comes out so did the birds.

Here are some of the birds, both common and probably uncommon ones which you might get to see them in this mountain as of May 2014.

It looks like a Mountain Leaf Warbler but from the amount of white color on i…