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Birding in Rengit - Aug 2012

Bukit Rengit or better known as the "Land of Trogons" among the birding community here is always a great place to see many exotic birds. After about an hour and 45 minutes of continous driving from KL, we reached the place at close to 8.00am. The road leading to the area was quite misty and luckily the sky clears up at around 9.30am. This time we saw quite a number of babblers and a few lifers. Unfortunately there were no calls of the Great Argus but we heard a few calls from a Red Junglefowl close to noon. Here are some of the better images taken in this trip.

We started birding from this Deer Land area.

A glimpse of the main trail which should be a comfortable walk. You can see birds from both sides of the road.

If you are a bit more adventures you may try some of the trails off the road side like this one. Although it looks quite dry but leech socks is certaintly required at these places.

You will likely hear this babbler rather than seen one.


Templer's Park - Aug 2012

I went to Rawang today to buy a few stuff and on the way back i did a pit stop at Templer's Park. I decided to do some birding at the stream below but did not have the time to check the hill top trail. The first bird which i saw was a Blue-Eared Kingfisher zipping across the stream. Just watched the bird in awe without even trying to lift my camera. There were quite a lot of bulbuls today esp red-eyes. Here are some of the bird images which i managed to capture during an hour and a half birding session. 

Could these be Barn Swallows or Grey_Rumped Treeswifts?

Another Red-eyed Bulbul
Also saw many Yellow-Vented Bulbuls, an Asian Fairy Bluebird, Javan Mynahs, a White-Throated Kingfisher and Asian Glossy Starlings. Oh yes there were also a lot of Plantain Squirrels like this one below:

Sg Gabai and Sg Lepuh, Hulu Langat - Aug 2012

Today me and Mr CY Tan went to check-out a birding site at Hutan Lipur Sungai Gabai. The road leading to the area goes through a Malay kampung with many chempedak and other fruits trees along the way and ends at the entrance to a waterfall recreational area. We started very early and reached the location at about 7.30am. We started to "bird" at the junction which turns to an "orang asli" settlement. The first bird we saw in a misty morning was a great surprise. Although there is a man-made pond nearby you won't expect this purple heron to travel so far inland.(Note: it was reported that these herons will likely frequent marshlands rather than tidal mudflats. So that explains its existence here).

  These pigeons will certaintly go to my little file called "Mystery Birds"
Here are some of the birds seen inside the waterfall area: We saw this Red-Eyed Bulbul trying a piece of these partially destroyed "Chempedak" After seeing this broadbill w…

Black-and-White Bulbul (Pycnonotus melanoleucos)

On 29 July 2012, i decided to drive down to Sg Tekala Forest Reserve, Semenyih for some birding. I have no particular birds to see but it was more for the reason that i have not been to this place for many years.  As i have been birding in the jungle for ages, I was given a great incentive to continue this hobby with the sighting of the Black-and-White Bulbul.
Black-and-White Bulbul or its scientific name: Pycnonotus melanoleucos is about 18cm (7in) which is just about the size of a black-headed bulbul.  Here is what an expert has to say:

"The species is nomadic and rather uncommon but most frequently seen in Panti, Johore and Taman Negara (both Sungai Relau and Kuala Tahan) but even then is not that often recorded"
Location and time
On 29 July 2012 (Sun) i spotted a male and its fledged young from the main road away from the Sg Tekala Waterfall area. The first image recorded in my dslr was at 11.31am and the total observation time was probably between 10 - 15 minu…