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Birds and Butterflies - June 2013

Date: 30 June 2013 (Sunday)
Time: 1.30pm - 4.00pm
Location: Perdik, Selangor
Objective: General Bird Watching
Weather: Clear skies, sunny and humid

Birds seen today were common ones although i also heard a Tiger Shrike calling which signaled the return of migrant birds. (Note: after reviewing the calls further, apparently the "machine-gun" like calls were most likely came from Crested Jays and not those of Tiger Shrikes !). Also saw lots of butterflies today.

It was seen hawking for insects but did not vocalise at all.

It was also seen hawking for insects but it prefered to stay deeper inside the forest. This drongo was seen at the same location as the above drongo cuckoo and was silent as well.
Saw the entire family - one male (as above), a female and their juvenile offspring.

At the top of his crown/head you could actually see some little black streaks.
There were quite a number of butterflies seen today. Some were small, some were flying up and down non-stop while some we…

Birding in Hazy Conditions - June 2013

This was the first time i go birding in a hazy condition. You can really smell the difference in air quality especially  in the jungle although the index i believe has not breach the critical 200 mark in Selangor. While the Nation and Singapore were engulfed by smoke from our neighbouring country for the past 30 years during this time of the year but  it did not really effect the birds presence.

Thinking that there will be few birds at this time (late afternoon) and in this condition so i decided to take this butterfly's photo. Thanks to the Butterfly Circle Group which assisted in the ID. Apparently this butterfly is rare in Singapore but it can also be found in Thailand.  
Also saw other bulbuls namely Grey-bellied and spectacle bulbuls but the above two were more obliging.
A woodie which i have not seen for quite some time at this place.
I believe this was a female. Although reported to be common at forest edge and low elevations but the last time i have seen this bird here was…