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The Importance of Conservation - A Birder's Perspective

BirdLife International had so far identified over 12,000 sites of international significance for birds across the globe as Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBA). However only 40% or less of those areas are reported to be formally protected. Why are bird issues so important ? It is not because we are birders but conservation is all about birds as well as the people of which they are associated to.

Birds depend on their habitats which in turn depend on the way which we treat our environment or natural resources. Migratory birds especially waders / shore birds life span depends much on their survival during migration. They often make long distance flights from/to their wintering grounds and would made multiple stops during their migration (especially the small-bodied shorebirds). These multiple stop areas or at times what we call "staging areas" or "refuel stations" are the keys to their survival. Depleting inter-tidal mudflats would mean less place to rest and…

Bird Watching and Grey-Capped Woodpecker

The essence of bird watching from the very beginning is all about identifying accurately the birds we see. Some even went a step further by studying their poo/pellets. Bird watching is also unlike looking for "pikachu"/"pokemon".  We do not have any apps to look for the birds especially those called vagrants. In identifying the birds we see, there are several methods which one could use. Some do it by taking notes, some thru sketching while some just rely on their photographic memory. I usually use photographic evidence and then compare the info with some well established field guides. Of course at times, i would still refer the info to the birding experts/gurus. That way ones' sightings can be more accurate and credible. Scientific evidence like MtDNA analysis would be the final frontier in confirming them especially the more difficult ones but that is beyond the means for most of us and is time consuming for citizen science.
Recently while on a usual bird wa…