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Spending some time with oiseaux de la forêt

Do you speak French? No! Don't worry. Birds don't speak French either but they do know how to express themselves if you go around chopping down their favourite fruiting trees or ruin their habitat.

Take this you @*!&#4 !
Now hold your horses Mr Officer ! The above Dark-Necked Tailorbird was only showing off its amazing tail feathers. Oh yes the French word for today is "oiseaux de la forêt" which means forest birds. Its about the right time to venture into the forest and spent some moments with them. Air Itam Dalam Recreational Forest was the first place i went. 
The first thing i have noticed at this place was the missing tree trunk near the back end of the suspension bridge which was usually frequented by a pair of Black-Thighed Falconet. Crap!
This Abbott's Babbler was calling uncharacteristically out in the open. Taking her photos in the thick undergrowth was a real challenge though.

After calling out in the open it was back to its usual self i.e back in…

Raptor Watch - the Holy Grail of Bird Watching?

Would you consider watching raptors as the holy grail of bird watching? Some say yes, while some would say no. That really depends on your interest. Speaking of interest, bird watching is like being a doctor in a hospital. In a hospital most doctors are General Practitioners or "GPs" as they are commonly called. These are the doctors who could tell the type of sickness or where they came from by just looking/checking at your general physical features. Then there are also specialist who dig deep into a specific areas of an organ or disease. Likewise in birding, there are also "GPs" i.e birders who can generally tell you that this is a red-eyed bulbul and not a cream-vented bulbul by looking at the bird's eye etc etc. On the other hand there are also birders who would only indulged in a specific bird species, for example raptors or hornbills. Similarly in other countries you have people who researched solely on penguins, hummingbird, Bali mynah, albatross and Ca…