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Gonocephalus robinsonii (Robinson Anglehead Lizard) - 2017

While looking for birds, i stumble upon this lizard which looks a bit like a baby dino. This is one reptile which would certainly make 'cicak man' proud because it may one day be described as one of those species of lizard which can only be found in Peninsular Malaysia. According to a review from Denzer et. al (2015) they believe that the species found in the highlands of  Peninsular Malaysia is different than other recognised species in the genus Gonocephalus. Based on chromosomal (i.e karyotyping) and molecular (i.e molecular phylogenetics using 16SrRNA sequencing) investigations, Denzer et. al (2015) have named the "new" genus as "Malayodracon robinsonii" !
However like all results from natural sciences, this finding is subject to comments and critique. Raymond T Hoser (2016) in the Australasian Journal of Herpetology (1 August 2016), had refuted the above findings not so much on its methodology but more on ethical issues. Using the International Code o…

Appreciating Nature in Cameron Highlands - May 2017

Yup ! there were more strawberries than birds in Cameron Highlands but unlike those i have tried in lower land, these ones tasted really sweet.
It has been 22 years ago since i last set foot in this tourist land. Nothing much has change except that more hillsides were turned into agriculture lands. I stayed near the town called Brinchang which is just 9 km from Tanah Rata. Contrary to what most people have said the place is still cold especially during the night and in the early hours of the morning. The temperature then was between 16 -17 degrees.

While most people were comfortably tug inside their warm bed covers, i did what most birders would do i.e sneaking out in the early morning for birding activities. Weather was cloudy throughout the day and it rained almost every day in the evenings. Birding was done just along the road sides - recall the roadsides along Perdik or the old Gombak Road albeit with much more traffic. I could also hear the calls of Grey-throated Babbler, Stripp…