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Kuala Selangor Nature Park (KSNP) - Feb 2013

Here we go again. This time i was in KSNP with a Swedish couple where the husband is a fan of Mark Knopfler from a British rock group named Dire Straits - remember the song "Sultan of Swing" during the early 80s! Not bad for a 60+ year old guy. There were not many "white birds" at this time but this place was never short of surprises.
First bird seen was this raptor, perched quite low near the trail. By late morning it was seen circling up in the sky.

A nice flight formation from a group of Purple Heron

One of the only hand full of "white birds" seen.

Quite an agressive raptor as we saw it disturbing some Pacific Swallows near the abandoned bird house.

Saw plenty of them this time.
There were many books out there describing its facial features around its eyes with words such as "orbital skin", "facial skin", "red skin around its eyes" etc. It was at this moment i realised that the facial "skin" was actually consist…

Coppersmith Barbet at Nest - Feb 2013

I decided to re-visit the old durian tree where i saw a coppersmith barbet trying to carve a hole into it last month. Initially i did not see any birds but lo and behold a head suddenly poped out from another hole just below the initial trunk.

Then i saw a magical moment.....there were two of them fetching food into the hole.

From then on i decided to spent more time to observe them. The differences between a male and a female Coppersmith Barbet are documented here.

The bird on your right is a male (in both photos) while the female is on the left. In the birds' kingdom  the male birds seem to be more colorful than the female. In these pictures (above & below) you could see that the male has a brighter red and yellow bands on its chest as compared to its female counterpart. The streaks on its body are also bolder and refine than the female. Another thing which differentiate them is their calls - male calls are louder while the female calls are softer. Another interesting fact i…

A Day at the Rice Field - Feb 2013

While the big guys headed to Malim Nawar and Melaka to tick their lifers, i went up north to survey a small patch of rice field which was not too far away from the Bedong Raptor Watch site.

There were less birds seen in the morning as compared to in the afternoon. Most of the birds seen (i.e Egrets, Herons, raptors and Pigeons) came from the coastal front which was just behind me when i took this photo. Except for the raptors and pigeons which zoomed past like rockets, others flew in and landed on this rice field and remained through out the day.

This was the first raptor seen at this rice field in the morning. This majestic Aquila is thought to be an Imperial Eagle or perhaps a Greater Spotted Eagle though its positive id is hard to ascertain due to its distance. It was seen at around 8.20am and circled a few times before heading eastward - most likely will pass through the Bedong raptor watch site.

There were only pockets of Little Egrets and Great Egrets seen here.

Most of the bi…