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Javan Myna (Acridotheres javanicus)

There were still many articles out there linking Javan Myna with White-vented myna. Most of the new version of field guides have actually differentiated the two birds. One of the ways to determine the differences between the 2 morphs is to look at its crest. Javan Myna has a shorter crest while the latter has more fluffy and longer crest. Then one might also want to compare Javan Myna with Crested Myna. Crested Myna has a shorter crest quite similar as a Javan but Crested Myna has a slaty-black undertail-coverts and a bill which is a pale whitish yellow almost to ivory color as compared to yellow bill and a clean white vent of a Javan . One could also mistakenly id Javan Myna as a Jungle myna.  From field observations, one of the easiest way to diffentiate the two birds is to look at its bills - a jungle myna has an orange bill with bluish base while a Javan myna and White-vented myna have yellow bills. 

However recently (2012) i met with a seasoned birder named Yang Chong and some …