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The Amazing Red Bearded Bee-Eater

Red Bearded Bee-Eater or scientifically named Nyctyornis amictus is one of the only four (4) bee-eater species which can be found in Malaysia so far. It is a resident bee-eater and it is quite common in mid mountainous regions. Its diet is reportedly to be predominantly insects and recently i had an opportunity to see a male bird trying his luck on a beetle.

Here you can see the beetle between its mandibles. The beetle was probably caught from the nearby foliage and brought to the tree branch. The tree was about 20-30 feet high located in the mid level of a nearby primary forest.
The bee-eater tried its best to get the bulky and slippery beetle into a good edible position.
At one time the beetle was just inches away from freedom and here you can see that it was merely dangling at the tip of the mandibles. 
The bee-eater then tried other ways to get the beetle into position.
But the beetle was very stubborn and wouldn't want to give in. So the bee-eater decided to whack the beetle …

Birds of Hutan Lipur Perdik - Apr and May 2015

The world of academia was once considered as sacred as the mountains of Madinah but nowadays it is hard to trust anyone in the academia. When academia at the top behave like some rogue politicians, deceiving, belittle and sabotaging its own people while quietly emptying the coffers among themselves then the virtues of an institution of a higher education have actually been compromised.  

The above photo is not like your garden of Eve nor was it like any common anthropogenic landscapes. It is an original and serene jungle pool where you can soothe your angry soul by having a dip inside. Unfortunately there were lots of mozzies on the trails at the moment so the bath will have to wait but i did sweat a bucket from walking around.
Now back to birding. Here are some of the birds seen inside and around Perdik recently (i.e between end of April and early May 2015).

This is certainly an adult bird. The wing bars can be seen here but it is not a distinguishable feature as any experience bird…

Birding in FRIM, Kepong - May 2015

I decided to detour at this location after a massive home going motorists have slowed down the traffic on all major roads heading out from KL. After three years of absence, the first place i went was no other than this well known lake area.
There were no star birds this time except for a few common birds such as oriental magpie, white throated kingfisher, spotted dove and some red-eyed bulbul.

After spending just about 5 minutes at the lake, i went straight into the forest trails. 
Although birding alone can be boring at times but with the sound of cicadas, insects and birds around you, it kinda lift up your battered spirit.
A potential great place to do some herping.

The forest area was much more "livelier" - lots of people and just a few common birds.
This male Orange-Backed was playing hide n seek with me for quite awhile - going around the tree trunk just like some bollywood movie scenes.

Unlike the male, the female Orange-Backed was more vocal and obliging at the same …