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Bird Wave in Perdik - Jan 2014

Year 2014 started on a disappointing note for me but life goes on. Once normalcy resumed i headed to the nearest birding spot which i could think off - Sungai Perdik ! For the initial track, the jungle was rather quiet.

Saw this eagle on my way into the track.
Besides this kingfisher, other common birds seen in the initial part were Red-Eyed Bulbuls and Spiderhunters. Also in this trip there were a few "tricky" birds. Here is what i meant as "tricky":
At a glance this could have been mistakenly id as a "Common Tailor" bird.
Until you managed to see its vent that you will know it should be a "Dark-Necked Tailor Bird". Learnt this trick from the veterans.

Here is another tricky situation.

It would be rather difficult to positively identify this female minivet from this position.

Not until you could see the color on her rump.

After some quiet moments then came the big bird wave. One thing i have noticed from this bird wave was that most of the bird…

Atlas Moth

A rather huge moth which is reported to be quite common in South East Asia. Can be found in gardens and parks so it is not surprising that i saw this moth in the concrete jungle of Kuala Lumpur. Some people were also reported to have kept this moth as a pet.