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My Garden Birds 2015

This post was created in conjunction with MY Garden Birdwatch 2015 event which will be officially held from 20 - 21 June 2015. This citizen science project which is basically similar as the "Big Garden Birdwatch" held in UK every year is organised to survey primarily the type of birds which can be found near to our residence/home. In Malaysia, this project was initiated by the Bird Conservation Council of the Malaysian Nature Society but run and participated by ordinary people like you and me. Here are some of the birds which i have seen near my housing area in KL and other nearby cities.

Some has called this a "Common House Sparrow" but Craig Robson's field guide had actually differentiated the two species. The field mark which defined a Eurasian Tree Sparrow is the black patch on the head sides which are absent from a House Sparrow.  I believe the Eurasian Tree Sparrow will again top the chart in this year's count.

Occasionally and especially in the morn…