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The Distribution of Waders in Northern Peninsular Malaysia - A Birder's Observation


Whenever we are out there with mother nature, we would most likely be the first to witnessed the destruction (if any) of our natural world either by deforestation, illegal land used, reclamation works, pollution etc.  Some would blame it on the government while some will accused the sleeping politicians and the list of accusations goes on. It has been mentioned that for a business to mature, it would take nothing less than 10 years. On the other hand, for a forest or an ecosystem to flourish, they may take twice/even longer the amount of time to attained its sustainability and flourishing returns.

The "Kapar Declaration" conjured out during the AWC seminar held on 25 June 2016 in Malaysia was indeed a timely action by some concerned stake holders. Only time will tell whether this "declaration" will be translated into action or will it remained merely a "declaration" and disappear into the thin air just like the smell of the masala curry comin…

The Black Kites and Indian Cuckoo of Penang Mainland - Jan 2017

Currently there are just a few places in Penang mainland which could accommodate large number of winter migrants. Air Itam Dalam is one of those areas where wintering birds (big and small ones) can safely used as their wintering playground as well as refuel stations. The authorities were quick enough to safeguard this area instead of sending bulldozers over. This location has been a birders' paradise for many years and hopefully it will remained that way for many more years to come. On 29 January 2017, i decided to dropped in for a short stopover. Met a man who looked like Confucius but he ain't nothing like the ancient scholar. He was well equipped with long lens and can speak Penang Hokkein ! After some conversation, we were already birding together. The first bird we saw was this Cuckoo. In fact it was my new found friend who had alerted me of the bird's presence as i was about 50 meters away from him. Of course i ran the fastest 50 meters spring ever recorded in plane…