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Birding trip to Sungai Perdik - July 2014.

My birding sweep of Ulu Langat forest area was concluded with a trip back to the forest of Sungai Perdik. As lightning never struck twice at the same location, there were no lifers in this trip. The good news was that there were a number of young/sub-adult birds sighted and also some familiar common winter birds were back. Weather was cloudy through out the day but the haze did not manage to penetrate these jungles.

I think this was a pair and they seem to be discussing some family planning matters.

This cuckoo was probably a sub-adult bird.
The brown patch on its breast suggest that this was a female. 

She was heard calling out for the male bird.

Here is the male looking down at his female companion from the top of the canopy. Took me awhile to determine which species this couple belong to as it has been a long time since i last saw a Scarlet.
What did you say?
I said "don't pee on my head" !

Exploring the Jungle Trails of Ulu Langat Forest - July 2014

It was believed that the world is currently surrounded by about 31% of rain forest. In Malaysia the percentage is about 56.4% as of year 2011 (source: Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia). Forest has been with earth since the era of dinosaurs, sustaining the existence of modern homo sapiens until today. Scientist, biologist, entomologist, herpetologist and even anthropologist have been treating the forest as their second home. If you are not too much of a birding person, you could actually see many things in the jungle example plants, flowers, insects, bugs, butterflies, fruits etc. With this view in mind i went for a short exploratory stroll along the jungle trails of Ulu Langat forest.

Here is a trail leading to Gunung Nuang. Hikers and Trekkers used this place as their endurance training ground. Quite a safe place to watch wildlife and insects.
Flowers of Wild Ginger Plant in full bloom

Here is a bug
Note: This could be a common "Leaf Beetle" from the family "Ch…

Blogging and Nature Trekking - July 2014

I have just discovered recently that my blog has been translated into a Russian blog - "" ! So if you have a Russian knocking at your door don't blame me. I have tried using wordpress but it was too depressing that i could not even post anything from there. Don't they have any better things to do!
I have some spare time recently and went for a short birding cum nature walk at this new location. In the jungle you can actually see, feel, hear and smell so many things. You can see things as small as a bug like this one:

or some nice flowers like the ones below:

or a colorful butterfly like the one here.
Family: Nymphalidae Subfamily : Danainae Genus: Danaus Species: melanippus Subspecies: hegesippus Common Name: "Black Veined Tiger"
Note: Butterfly Circle Group reported that this butterfly can be found near coastal/mangrove areas but this location was certainly far from it.

Amazingly, i have heard squirrels at this location making calls…