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Birding in Semenyih - July 2012

Today (Sun) i decided to do some birding at Sungai Tekala Forest Reserve in Semenyih. The last time i came here was a few years back with the MNS bird group. It was a bright sunny day and i was right at the entrance by 8.00am but unfortunately the forest reserve area today was rather quiet. It may be because of the continous firecrackers played by a group of youngsters or probably due to the sound of the leave blower operated by the forest reserve worker. But the birds outside the area was really fantastico ! Found a "lubuk" (or a location) before the waterfall area which was full of star birds. Never have i seen so many star birds congregating in one area in my many years of birding experience. Here are some of its better photos.

This stripped tit babbler did not utter its usual "chuck - chuck" calls. Could not id the bird from the calls until it came out after 10 minutes of waiting for it. The next bird was this blue-throated bee eater which was seen picking up i…

Birds of Sungai Perdik - July 2012

Today i was caught in the rain for the first time as the trail has no shades to hide except bamboos. Luckily the rain was not too heavy. Weather was cloudy and gloomy for the entire day but nevertheless the birds were still abundant.
Spotted Dove
This spotted dove was seen outside the main trail.
White-throated Kingfisher
This white-throated kingfisher was seen near the duck pond.
White-Breasted Waterhen (female?)
This was a surprise find at this place. Never seen a white-breasted waterhen after so many trips here. This fellow was seen near the duck pond as well.

When i reach the first trail inside Perdik, i was surprise to see that the wooden bridge was no longer there. Luckily the water did not totaly wash it away.
Gold-Whiskered Barbet
This gold-whiskered barbet was the first bird seen in the trail. The bird was seen foraging for riped figs to eat.

Hill Mynah
Saw a pair of Hill Mynahs bringing in nesting materials to a tree trunk. Glad to know they are doing well in the wild. Will go b…

Birding at National Botanic Park

National Botanic Park or Taman Botani Negara in Malay language is located in Shah Alam, Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia. Many names have been given to this place but it is not as troublesome as to trying to locate the place. We spent about 15 minutes searching before locating it. When we reached the place about 9.00am it was already packed with hundreds of people. Whatever it may be we had earlier decided to visit this place because of some earlier reported sightings of hooded pitta and long-tailed parakeets at this location.
Dark-Necked Tailorbird
The first bird seen was this dark-necked tailor bird which was also heard calling near the roadside. The roads here were wide and long but there were just too many cyclist around.

Common Flameback (male)
A pair of common flamebacks were seen foraging for food.

Indian Cuckoo (Juvenile)
Heard this juvenile Indian Cuckoo calling from the edge of the forest. Its continous calls led me down from the roadside to some bushes without knowing that it wa…