Birding Trip - 11 May 2018

During the Renaissance era, explorers watched birds basically to discover new species of birds. Today watching birds means many things to many people. It could be a science, an art, a hobby or a combination of any of those. To me, birding is a time for me to chill out with the birds. They can also be your best friend forever to help you to distress.  Here are some of the endemic birds i have seen today.  Most of them were common though. 

I started birding at 7.00am and along the way i saw this not so happy looking bird. 
This Prina probably didn't slept well because it rained overnight.

As i entered the trail at 7.20am the scene was slightly different.  It was quite dark as compared to the path before the entrance of the trail. I thought this could be a new bird for me. So i tried to increased the ISO but still can't really nailed it. The two tone colors on its chest and belly had me flipping furiously at the field guide until i took its flight photos (see below).

I believe i…

Raptor Watch 2018 - An Exhilarating Experience

Once a upon the time, you can find numerous birding couples in this region who like to watch raptors. Some are still quietly active while some new ones are also emerging. There are many reasons for one to watch birds of prey. It could be due to their magnificent and highly variably under wing patterns or perhaps it could be due to their majestic appearance as well as fascinating behaviour. Some ornithologist even spent their entire life to study solely on raptors. At the end of this post you might understand just why.
Here are some of the birds of prey which were spotted in Peninsular Malaysia from Dec 2017 to March 2018. Majority of them were Oriental Honey Buzzards as expected. This should be an Oriental Honey Buzzard (OHB), soaring upwards in a truly raptor like way.

My personal opinion: Dark wings tips and narrow tail bands points it to a juvenile. While pale face and narrow trailing edge bands points it to a female.

This is most likely a migrant orientalis which reported to migrat…