The Essence of Bird Watching - 2018

What makes a birder to drive almost 400km from Penang to Malim Nawar just to record a pipit moulting, not once but a few times ? This is what we called "PASSION" ! pronounced as "Peh-See-Ion" if you may. What makes a person to drive on the opposite direction of the traffic? This is what we called "insanity" ! With passion, we can achieve many things in life. It is also the very essence of bird watching. I hope to continue this bird watching passion of mine as long as i can.
Based on my experience, i have noticed that you will gain more responses from bird photography rather than the narration of the bird plumage or identification but if we can achieve both goals - it will be so much better. 2018 has been an incredible year ! 9 lifers and some rare ones, i couldn't asked for more. Here are some additional photos of the birds taken through out the year.  

Got this bird at point blank range - just about 10 feet away. 

Not too far from the earlier bird, …

My Borneo Birding Adventure - Manukan Island etc - Nov 2018

There are so many things you can actually see and do in Borneo. Its a land with multi layered culture and ethnicity, vast landscape with virgin forest and plenty of wildlife - birds included !  A visit to Mantanani Island would be ideal but i landed on an island called Manukan instead.

How to get there?
From KK International Airport (KKIA), request the taxi to take you to Jesselton ferry terminal. The fare would be around RM30.00. Alternatively you can get a metered cab or a Grab car if you do not like to bargain. You can also take a local bus which should be much cheaper but it might take you longer than the 20 minutes trip by a car. From the jetty, the boat fare will be around RM23.00 and another RM7.00 when you reached the island. You can actually see the island from the jetty itself. Powered by a twin 150 HP Mercury outboard motors you will reach the island within 15 minutes. In this trip my entire family followed and they did bring some good luck to me actually. 
We reached the is…