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Offshore Birding - Sept'2013

I have always wished that one day i could do some offshore or pelagic birding somewhere in Malaysia. That wish did came true on 21 Sept 2013. I was glad to have AngTH on board as he is currently one of Malaysia very own expert in waders and shore birds - well at least he is more experience than me. Also on board was a lady who is also a MNS member. She was one tough lady who is not afraid of the high seas and sun. She was also kind enough to bring along yam cakes for us. So if you do not want to starve to death in a trip it is always good to bring along a lady. We started at about 8.30am when the tide was quite high.

Some of the shore birds have to seek shelter inside the mangroves while waiting for the tide to recede. Once we have reached the high seas, we headed straight to Pulau Ketam and along the way this tern followed our boat for about an hour. Just like you would experienced dolphins swimming along side your boat this bird flew non-stop behind us all the way.  Thanks for the e…

Exploring the Ex-Mining Ponds of Malim Nawar - Sept 2013

Birding trips will be getting lesser and lesser for me but when there is an opportunity we will need to grab it and go as far and wide as possible to look for our dream birds. The "Pull-Factor" was stronger than the "Push-Factor" in this case as i have never been to this place before (for birding that is) and also i have wanted to see the "Little Stint" and "Greater Painted Snipe". Locating this place was not a problem as there were ample road signs but searching for the illusive birds is another story to be told. This place was huge indeed filled with craters of former mining ponds - some were really huge while some were shallow enough for birds to stand on it. There were a few which have dried-out to the base.  There were lots of birds here no doubt but unfortunately i did not get my dream birds.  Nevertheless i have some great flight shots.

A mix flock of  waterbirds in the middle of an island within a pond

This was the first wintering bird s…