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Collared Kingfisher (Todiramphus chloris)

During my recent birding trips i saw quite a number of Collared Kingfishers (Todiramphus chloris). This kingfisher is said to be closely associated with tidal habitats such as mangroves and mudflats. However they do also occur around coastal regions, large rivers and at times inland plantations.

Most guide books have listed this bird as one species i.e Halcyon chloris. Robson (2007) has however divided this kingfisher to a number of subspecies. Here are the subspecies described:
i) Todiramphus chloris - armstrongi (description: blue above with turquoise wash, whitish collar etc).
ii) Todiramphus chloris - humii (description: bluer above).
iii) Todiramphus chloris - davisoni (description: smaller, blackish-green head-sides).

Robson (2007) further explained that T.c armstrongi is wide spread while T.c humii can be found from Myanmar, South Thailand southwards and T.c davisoni is from Coco Island.  I will show some photos of the various collared kingfishers here and let you decide which…

Common Household and Garden Birds

Over here in West Peninsular Malaysia we do have a variety of beautiful common birds. Depending on where you stay, some birds can be uncommonly common while some you will see and hear them almost everyday. The nice thing about these household and garden birds is that they allow us to approach them closer for photography.

The top photos show a Black-Naped Oriole. They can finish a ripe papaya like this one within half a day.

This is another common bird - a Yellow-Vented Bulbul. Also a papaya ripper.

Some books called this bird an "Edible Nest Swiftlet". I would just call it a "Common Swift". One of its diagnostic field features are that its primaries are longer than its secondaries feathers and has a buffish brown body.

This is a Pied Fantail which can be very friendly to you as well as your "friendly" cats and dogs.
This is a very common bird - a Eurasian Tree Sparrow (adult).
This picture was taken in January 2013
 A Peaceful Dove walking along the road…

Birding at FRIM, Kepong - Feb 2012

Frim, Kepong is a well managed forestry area with a variety of nice looking birds to see . It is located not too far away from KL city and has a pond area which is frequently visited by star birds. I was already at the pond area by 7.30am. Making my way there i stumbled and startled a snoozing wild boar - yup it was fat and whithish grey in colour.

A Blue-Winged Leafbird (Male) - the first bird seen.
This is a Crow-Billed Drongo and not an ashy drongo as verified by Yang Chong. Here is what he has to say: "a 1st winter Crow-billed Drongo because of heavy bill, up-turned tail tips and spotting on underparts and of course habitat. Ashy Drongo prefers somewhat more open country and secondary brush, usually away from forest: mangroves, mangrove edge, plantations and village gardens are prefered habitats. Incidentally, the Crow-billed is a migrant and will not be found after May, returning only in Aug/Sept. Only first winter birds show the white spotting, the older birds are all black…