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Little Egret (Egretta garzettta garzetta)

Quite often we would come across this immaculate "snow-white" bird during our many outings that we would at times brushed it off as just another common bird - "ah it was just a little egret", "usual suspect", "justacommon egret" etc etc. Local Chinese people here would at times call it a "lup-sap chiao" which literally means a rubbish bird. However not many people knew that this Little Egret was once a "scarce" bird and that it has as many as six (6) subspecies/close relatives. 
The one which we would often come across in this region namely Peninsular Malaysia or perhaps South East Asia is the species "Egretta garzetta garzetta". It is predominantly white in color with an all black bill and some faint whitish yellow at the base of its bill. During non breeding, its lores are blue gray or at times just plain greyish white or yellow while its legs are dark and feet is yellow. However during breeding season, the lores…

Searching for the Illusive Ones at Air Itam Dalam - Mar 2014

Recent reports by the Penang birders on the sighting of Hodgson's Hawk Cuckoo, Ruddy Kingfisher and Blue Winged Pitta among other birds have got my birding hormones reaching to the maximum level. When i finally got my chance, off i went to look for the illusive birds. Reached the location at 7.30am and headed straight to the tree which i thought the spotted wood owl might be roosting on.

After awhile of searching, it was a different bird which appeared from the heaven. It was close to 8.00am when this pitta appeared. Only one photo turns up "decently" well (which was the above photo). As it was still dark so i decided to watch the bird with just my two little eyes instead. It was seen hopping leisurely around - first it was near the road, then it jumped to the concrete embankment and down to the swampy area. Could also see the two big white patches on its wings when she goes around looking for an early meal. The entire episode was just about 8 - 10 minutes but the joy of…

Back to the Mudflats - March 2014

The months of March and April are the best times to see waders at full "bloom".  With that reason i was back at the Bagan Belat mudflats again with the hope of catching a glimpse of the waders just before they make their long flight back to their breeding grounds. This time my trips were not plan but just make do of the chances that came along to me. As you may realised by now in any birding trips either in a group or by yourself there are always some stories to tell or report to your friends.

Here is an Eastern Marsh Harrier (a female i believe) which flew above my head as i was walking to the mudflats. It circled a few times before it went off towards the direction of Bukit Mertajam. This was what some birders would termed it as a "chance sighting". 
Saw this swallow taking a sip of sea water.
A group of Great Egrets and Little Egrets
Was hoping to see a Chinese Egret but it turns out that they were all just Great Egrets and Little Egrets. From the above photo th…