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A Comparison Between Wood Sandpiper and Common Sandpiper

When you are out there watching birds, you will probably meet two types of people, namely the bird photographers and the birders. How do you differentiate them? Just listen to their conversation.

Friend:  "Wow ! nice. what bird is this?
Bird photographer: TQ. Dunno but i think it is rare. Probably from Alaska or Mongolia. I have waited two hours for this bird.
Friend: I think it is a common sandpiper or maybe a green sandpiper.
Bird photographer: Dunno ! but it looks the same bah.
Friend: You use 1 stop exposure compensation?
Bird photographer: No. i actually used +3 stops, iso speed: 4000, exposure time: 1/640 sec, f/stop: 5.6, metering: spot and auto white balance. You must put one of your hands on the lens you know. So that your camera can be more stable.
Friend: same place ah?
Bird photographer: Yeah ! near the small lake area. Don't tell Ah Seng ah !
Friend: OK, OK !

Friend: Wow ! what bird is this?
Birder: aah ! its just a wood sandpiper. Very common winter visitor. Ca…

Common Birds of Paddyfields - Dec 2015 to Jan 2016

When i was young i used to be confused by the words rice and paddy. So for the benefits of those who are just as blur as me, here is an abstract on the differences / similarity between a paddy and a rice.

"Paddy becomes rice after the removal of its husk by threshing. Therefore, rice is a part of paddy. Paddy is the rice grain with husk. The term paddy was derived from the Malay word "Padi" which means “rice in the straw or husk”. Rice is the seed of paddy. Generally, rice plant also is called paddy. This is a crop which belongs to the family Graminae. Botanical name of the paddy is Oryza sativa. It is a staple food of the majority of the world population. It is the second major crop in the world" 

When you travel around Peninsular Malaysia especially before the harvest season, you can be treated with some spectacular views of the paddy fields. Along with the views you can also find yourself with some of the birds which you may be hoping to see. Here are some of th…

Common Birds of Chuping Grassland - Dec 2015

The ancient mariners have probably carved their name into the history books due to their exploration expeditions and quest for new lands. Although i ain't no Vasco da Gama or Christopher Columbus but to finally set foot at this location it was like an achievement by itself to me. I took my almost 90 years old dad along as he has not been to this area for the past 50 years. While he tried to enjoy the vast grassland, i took the opportunity to search for as many mega birds as i could.
Reached the location at 7.15am and immediately i saw this medium-sized raptor gliding slowly just above the grass land. So i decided to chase it with my old rickety car. 
Luckily it landed and it started to sand bath. I was fortunate indeed to be able to witnessed and photographed a sand bathing Kestrel. After awhile it decided that it had enough and flew off. I decided to follow her.
After a few minutes of searching i finally found her again on the top of a pile of earth. From her looks, i believe sh…