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Back to Sungai Lepoh - Aug 2013

There are a few locations which i have not visited for the past 1+ years since todate. So i started off my journey with this land of machetes. The birding conditions were perfect - the weather was fine, my camera functioned as it should be and the birds came out in numbers. Parked my car near the entrance and started birding at around 9.00am until about 1pm. All the photos taken were inside the trail and none from the car park area. Here are some decent shots taken.

The beginning of a journey. At this place you can see some common birds such as oriental magpie robins, white-rumped munias, doves, spiderhunters, varieties of bulbuls, flowerpeckers etc

A steep climb to birding location
The first bird which has dropped in on the trail.
It could already sing quite well.
Heard some soft knocking sound and was looking for the woodpecker when a pair flew and perched right in front. This male was following closely the female where ever she goes and both were enjoying "drumming" toget…