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No Ruddy ! No Problem ! - Birding in June 2016

The jungles in Peninsular Malaysia have so much to offer that i believe Sir David F. Attenborough would have felt like a young man again if he ever foraged into one over here. While the migrant birds have left the shores of Peninsular Malaysia, the local birds are having a ball of a time. I tried to catch a glimpse of Ms Ruddy the Kingfisher but she was already long gone when i reached the place. The other residents nevertheless took over the show.
Ever wonder how did this CSE got into those maze of twisted vines and twigs? Actually it first perched on a bare trunk slightly to his right. As he noticed that i was watching him, he had slowly tip-toed into those vines and twigs so that he could be 'hidden' from my view.  Ha ! you could never hide from this ol' man. After awhile he got fed-up and flew away to another tree. 
Not long after he departed, i saw him again ! This time just look at what has he got? (see photo below)
A Stamp of Authority !
Once awhile you will get th…