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Exploring the Jungle Trails of Rengit - Sept 2015

Nowadays going into the social media is like walking across a minefield. You will never know what you might step on. However there is nothing better than spending a day in the forest. The day over here started with a pair of Great Slaty Woodpecker (M.pulverulentus). The pair flew towards me from the direction of Lancang and as they came closer i could hear one of the pair calling as if saying that they have finally reached their destination. Fortunately and to my delight they decided to land on a huge tree just opposite of the road where i stood.
This is my lifer for this year.

Male (left) and female (right). 
While some of us would probably be seeping some nice warm tea at 8.00am, these woodpeckers have  already started to work by then - attending to their unfinished nest holes.
There are three nest holes as you can see here and it certainly take some great effort from a mighty great woodpecker to excavate such huge holes on a tree. 
Going further in i finally saw the 'transform…