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Birds of Forest Edge

Malaysia (including Sabah and Sarawak) is blessed with many places to watch birds (both endemic as well as migrant Sp etc). In Peninsular Malaysia there are several birds which you may encounter along the forest edge. Here are some of them.
The bird (above) is a Yellow-bellied Prinia. The calls it makes may not be as what the image suggests but it can certaintly be heard from a 50 meter radius.
You can find this Pied Fantail in your gardens as well as near the forest edge.

These are White-rumped Munias. It seems to have a bi-coloured bill.
This is a Yellow-vented Bulbul - a juvenile.
Some books called this bird a Peaceful Dove while some has named it as Zebra Dove. This is an Ashy Tailorbird.
Another common bird of forest edge - a Common Iora.
This is a Rufous Piculet. Although said to be a common bird over here but its not easy to be seen. At times they do come out near the forest edge to hunt for food like this one.

These are Grey-bellied Bulbuls. They are not r…

Kuala Selangor Nature Park - 2012

Kuala Selangor Nature Park (KSNP) is about one(1) hour's drive from KL. Not only it is famous as a tourist spot but its also an important research area for scientists like ornithologist, herpetologist, botanist etc. I decided to re-visit the place to see its birding activities at this time of the year. The sky was clear but the temperature got a bit more humid towards late morning. Greeted me at the entrance was a group of these Common Flameback Woodies.
Just love to see its bushy red crown. Pecking nearby was his mate - a female Common Flameback.
These two ladies were seen squabbling over something - it could probably be over some domestic matters. As you enter the park compound you will come across these message boards. The entrance to the trail is at the right side of the photo below.
There were ample spots and directions provided to assist you in your exploration as depicted in the image below.
The first bird seen inside the trail was this Barred Eagle Owl. This bird w…

Female Sunbird

When i first started bird watching, all female sunbirds will look the same to me ! After going several times in the fields, you can learn how to differentiate them accurately.

Here are some of my own diagnostic breakdown: i) Eyes - the color of its eyes is not a good field mark to look at. I believe most female sunbirds have red color eyes if seen from certain angle. ii) Tip of the tail - the tip of a purple-throated sunbird-female's tail has white tips and so as a female olive-backed sunbird. So this bird is neither a female purple-throated sunbird or a female olive-backed. iii) Throat & Breast colors - these are two good field marks to look at. A female ruby-cheeked has a pale rufous or pale orange throat while the breast color of a female red-throated sunbird is more greenish. As for the images above you could see that its throat and breast are more yellowish in color. iv) Eye rings - this field mark can be a bit more tricky to observe. According to field guides…