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Waders of Teluk Air Tawar, Penang - 23 Oct 2011

One of the most interesting thing about watching waders is the thrill of searching and identifying the different types of waders amongst the hundreds of them on the tidal mudflats. This is where the every essence of birding techniques come to play, which are:

i) to watch waders you need to have a scope - this is because most of time these waders are stationed quite a distance away on the mudflats.

ii) If you do not have a scope, then a good pair of bins would be handy esp 10x42 onwards.

iii) Then the next thing you really need is a note book to jot down the details of the waders you see.

iv) You may not need a note book provided that if you have a DSLR camera with a 800mm lens to record those details like head patterns, bill size, colors of wing bars etc. But then how many people can afford a 800mm lens? Digiscoping could be a good alternative to this limitation.

One of the worst times to watch waders are during their wintering colors and before an incoming thunderstorm. Their winte…

Birds of Pulau Burung - Pt 2 (25 Oct 2011)

On our way back to KL, we decided to stop at this great marshland again, hoping to add more birds we saw earlier on. Yes indeed we did saw more birds including some new ones.
The first bird which greeted us was this White-Throated Kingfisher.

This time we saw more Little Grebes

This Little Grebe swam quite close to us.

Today we saw only this single Black-Winged Stilt.

We also saw plenty of this Lesser Whistling Duck.

We also saw some of its ducklings.

Here are some of the ducklings image been magnified.

Then we came across a group of Red-Wattled Lapwings. This fellow is one of them.

We continue to see more Wood Sandpipers including this one.

We also saw many more White-Breasted Waterhens...

....including its chick.

This is a Common Sandpiper looking for earthworms to eat for breakfast.

Could this possibly be a Chinese Pond Heron? You will not be able to distinguish it from the other two pond herons (i.e Javan and Indian) by just looking at it while stationary. According to Craig Robs…

Birds and Fauna of Bukit Hijau and Sedim Recreational Forests

I took my father for some bird watching recently. Bukit Hijau is located about 45 minutes drive from a town called Sungai Petani, Kedah. One needs to drive pass another town called Kuala Ketil before reaching the place. Today Bukit Hijau was rather quiet as compared the last time we visited the place.

The first birds we encountered are this pair of Common Flameback - male (at the top) and female (below).

Then we came across this handsome Giant Squirrel which was quite funny with its tree antics.
Besides the common Gold-Whiskered Barbet and a Red-Eyed Bulbul, the only other bird we saw was this Grey Wagtail.
We only spent about an hour at this place and since it was low in bird activities we decided to drive to Sedim which is another 18 km from Bukit Hijau. As we reached at the post where we need to pay RM2/- to enter, we saw this flycatcher:
It could be a Dark-sided Flycatcher as it was quite small as compared to the usual Asian Brown.

The next flycatcher we saw near the car park is…