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Black and Red Broadbill (Cymbirhynchus macroynchos)

B&R Broadbills are chunky birds which can be found from subtropical to tropical places esp lowland forest near water catchment areas, streams, and rivers. Although said to be quite common and listed as "Least Concern" by IUCN but it cannot be found in every jungle trails. Nevertheless its a beautifull bird to be seen and photographed. Its nests are constructed just the same way as most broadbills would do i.e. a bunch of loosely constructed twigs and branches with a mixture of dry leaves and at times feathers, hanging from a branch and sometimes from a telephone wire.

Here are some pictures of a sub-adult broadbill which Khoo Swee Seng has helped me to id based on the few spots at its coverts and its dull buffy breast colours. Khoo Swee Seng is one of the more experience birders around this region having spotted close to 535 birds species under his birding cap todate.

The purple like eyes are not the results of sunlight effect or photoshop manipulation but probably becaus…

Crimson-Winged Woodpecker (Picus puniceus)

Woodpeckers have always fascinate me in terms of their bright plumage and peculiar behaviors.  Crimson-winged woodpeckers are fairly common woodpeckers one could find along the jungle trails up to a height of 825 m.  Locally named as "Belatok Emas" and IUCN has listed them as "Least Concern". They are said to liked insects and larvaes. Here are two males - one is a juvenile taken from a recent trip at Sungai Perdik, Hulu Langat, Selangor, West Malaysia.

Male species of these woodpeckers have red crowns and red submoustachial. Although this bird has no red crown but it has a red submoustachial which is absence in female birds of this species. This fellow is probably a juvenile male.
These two pictures above show the adult male is teaching the juve male to find for food, i guess.

Common Birds of Forest Trails

Here are some of the commmon birds which you may encounter along the forest trails over in this part of the world (i.e West Peninsular Malaysia):

One of the most common barbets one could find and see in the forest - a Gold-Whiskered Barbet.
This is a Stripe-Throated Bulbul. A common bird which can be found from lowland forest right up to the mountain regions.

This is probably the most common bird one could find. Most of the time can be seen on the ground rather than on tree tops. A Peaceful Dove taking a stroll in the park.
This is a juve male Blue-Winged Leafbird. Can be found in abundant when wild berries are ripe.
This is a female Blue-Winged Leafbird.
This is a juve Asian Glossy Starling. It also can be found everywhere from garden parks to the edges of the forest but seldom in the montains.

These are White-Throated Kingfishers. Can be found almost everywhere - open land, waterways, coastal regions, plantations etc. It always stays a distance from human. This fellow was taking a r…