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Common Birds of Hill Stations - Oct and Dec 2015

Recently i went up to two (2) local hill stations which are well known to birders down here. Both locations do offer a variety of birds for every birders. From the photos below i believe you can roughly guess where these birds have came from although some of them can occur at both locations.

These are OHBs

I would go for a 'Mountain Fulvetta" on this one.
I would call this one a "Barn Swallow"
This one is a toss between a 'Himalayan Swiftlet' and a 'Black-Nest Swiftlet' but on current description of the species i will go for a 'Black-Nest Swiftlet' instead (95% sure)

The last time i saw this swallow was in 2011.

These are really large pigeons but i believe they were just 'Thick-Billed Green Pigeon'

A sub-adult bird.