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Orange-Backed Woodpecker (Reinwardtipicus validus)

Orange-backed woodpeckers are one of the many species of woodpeckers which can be found in Malaysia and Thailand as well. A fact which Wikipedia needs to correct since it only mentioned Indonesia.  As there are not many literature about orange-backed woodpeckers in the web so i thought i would try to give a brief account of these wonderful woodpeckers.

I have always like to observe woodpeckers not only because of their bright plumage but also due to their peculiar behavior and flight patterns. Known for their habit of pecking into tree trunks to search for insect larvaes or as a means of communicating territorial possesion, they have also pecked into tree trunks to search for suitable nest i.e burrowing into tree trunks to be more precise. Some woodpeckers have also been observed occupying abandoned tree holes. Measuring about 30cm, orange-backed woodpeckers can be found in the forest and lowland jungles. Both male and female have a distinct dichotomy whereby male has a red crown and…

Common mammals, reptiles and fauna of birding trips

There are times when wild animals would appear on one of the jungle trails which make birding trips even more exciting. Here are some which are commonly encountered:

Look who is lurking amongst the branches? This is a huge water monitor lizard waiting for unsuspecting birds.

These are long-tailed macaques. They could be found in most jungles and some even at urban parks. Ancient Egyptians must have learn from these primates about using eye shadows. Can be very adaptive in urban living and quite aggressive when comes to food - have seen one snatched food right from a tourist hand at Batu Caves.
Walking with its nose and tails up!! This is a male pig-tailed macaque. A nomadic macaque which can be found in the forest and often used to pluck coconuts by villages.

This is a dusky langur. It is generally greyish and has white rings around its eyes. Have seen one carry a newborn which is usually bright golden-yellow in colour. Can be found in coastal regions or secondary forest.

This is a …