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Pelagic Birding off the Coast of Kuala Selangor - Nov 2013

This trip (16 November 2013) was arranged pursuant to the earlier one held on 21 September 2013. This time however there were 7 people on board and most of them were the committee members from the Selangor and Malaysian Bird Group/Council. It was certainly a high profile team who has joined us this time. So the expectations must have been very high. We arrived at the jetty in Bagan Sungai Buloh, Selangor as early as 7.00am and boarded the boat at about 7.45am. At that time the tide was already receding quite fast. So we wasted no time in requesting the boatman to set "sail" to Pulau Ketam. The map below shows the distance we have covered.
This Great Egret's photo was taken before we board the boat - it was just around 7.15am. Water was fast receding but the sky was still dark.
As the light of dawn emerges so did the Black-Crowned Night Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax). This adult bird would have make the kungfu masters proud.
Now you know who wants to be at the top of the …

The Kites of Bagan Sungai Buloh, Selangor

We have just finished birding at Sekinchan and since the place happens to be along our way home so we decided to drop by to see what it has to offer at the worst time of the day. We reached the place at about 13.00hrs and as expected there were just a handful of birds around.

Little Terns and Whiskered Terns were the most birds seen - flying to and fro along the river.
As we were scanning the river banks, the Grey Herons started to make a lot of noise and that was when we realised that a raptor was flying nearby. Looking up i knew it was a black kite.

Not to be outshined, this juvenile Brahminy Kite join in the fun.

Being a visitor at this place the Black Kite (bottom right) got some close attention from a resident kite.

Both the kites were juvenile and it was fun to see them thermaling just above our heads. The kites left the scene at about 14.00hrs and so did we.

Harriers of Sekinchan - 2013

In Peninsular Malaysia, harriers has been sighted from the state of Perlis right down to Melaka and Sungai Balang in Muar, Johor with an odd case in Kelantan since 1988. However i am not sure why there were no data of harrier sightings in East Malaysia todate (i.e. based on B.i.W records).
Over at Sekinchan, there were also numerous reports of harriers been sighted way back in 1996 and the latest was just last year (2012). If you have been to Ulu Dedap, Perak before, you will realised that the harrier numbers here are fewer and located further away. Nevertheless i was delighted to sight not only one but possibly 3 Eastern Marsh Harriers (EMH) at this place on 4 November 2013. We were there at about 8.45am and the first EMH was only sighted at 9.25am. They were seen circling casually around a patch of the rice field before landing on it again. We could only hypothesized that they were probably waiting for the thermal to build up before rising to the sky again. Here are some of the sho…