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Red-Whiskered Bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus)

I was observing some yellow-vented bulbuls in my hometown recently when i heard a familiar call. When i look up i saw a bird which is more often seen in the cage rather than outside on a coconut tree.

  Despite been skittish and wary of my presence, the bird could still been an escaped caged bird.

It was nevertheless an enjoyfull sight to see the bird singing from outside a cage. 

Kuala Muda Mudflats - Nov 2012

I went to the same mudflats again to see whether there are different birds in November. I started in the afternoon and here are some of the birds seen:

A Great Egret, an Intermediate Egret and a Little Egret foraging together on the mudflats.

A juve Brahminy Kite (left) chasing away a juve Osprey (right)

Tired been chased around, the juve Osprey landed not too far away. The juve Brahminy continued to patrol his territory.
Not satisfied with the photo qualities and curious about more birds led me to return to this mudflat in the following morning.
 Some of the birds were still far away. These are Little Egrets foraging on the opposite bank. Its feets are black due to the mud.

A Great Egret swallowing a big fish
Hard to tell whether this fellow is a little egret or an intermediate. A good topic for a prolong debate.
A mean-full stare from a Little Heron.
On the way back, we stopped at a small patch of paddy field.

A Pond Heron (unidentified)
Another unidentified Pond Heron
This fellow i…

Bagan Belat Air Tawar Mudflats - Nov 2012

I arrived at the mudflats at about 16.30hrs.. The weather was very hot and harsh on the body and photography. As the tide was still high i decided to look for other birds in the surrounding area.

   The first egret which came in and waited for the tide to recede.
 This is probably the only bird which could "wade" in knee deep water.

The first batch of waders came in when the water started to recede at around 17.15hrs. They were mainly Common Redshanks.

It was fun to see them skimming over the water surface. Here you can see a white winged tern has managed to grab something from the water.
Probably a Common Tern.
Could this be a Gull-billed Tern or a Whiskered Tern?
Verified by a MNS Bird Group Co-ordinator.

Besides the redshanks, common sandpipers are some of the birds which would dare to come close to humans.

From the horizon, i saw a silhouette of a

Air Itam Dalam Forest Reserve - Nov 2012

Since most of the paddy fields in Kedah and Penang were not ready to be harvested so we headed to a forest reserve area which has quite a similar setup like KSNP. Saw a number interesting and also familiar birds here:

At 47cm it can be considered quite a large owl. It has a white forehead which separates it from the uncommon brown fish owl. I needed to use flash here in order to determine that feature.
Although it looks like a laced woodpecker but i believe they were streak-breasted woodpeckers.
There were three of them up on this tree. Probably waiting for thermal to built up. Looks like juveniles from the streaks on their wings.

Saw at least 5 of them circling up above me.
Probably one of the sharpest image i had of this bulbul so far.
Beside the pied fantails, ashy tailorbirds also featured prominently at this place.

Although its body color is quite whit