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A Field Report from Base of Nuang - 2015

As the earthly things unfurled around us nowadays you may realised that this planet is actually divided between the 'believers' and the 'non-believers', the 'haves' and the 'have nots', the 'rights' and the 'lefts' etc etc. In politics there are no such things as the middle kingdom. Its like you choose either 'MU' or 'Liverpool', 'tosai' or 'nasi lemak', 'LA Lakers' or 'Boston Celtics' or simply either 'Letchumi' or 'Minachi'. It looks like even radio DJs are into it - seek a new life Ben ! However unlike humans, birds have no preferences. To them its either survive or perish !

It goes the same for these stinking bugs too.
Even at noon surely there are some birds out there as i asked myself. As the nation is undergoing some transformation, this place is experiencing some changes too. If you have been to Nuang recently you can see that the trails have been cemented from the …