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Bird Watching Near Bedong Raptor Site - Sept 2016

When i was young i have always thought that the world will have seamless boundaries which one can never ever see but as i grow older i realised that the world is actually much smaller and getting smaller by the day. There were recent reports that Australia is slowly inching its way further north. This means that one day we will have cassowaries, kangaroos, koobaburras etc at our door steps. The unfortunate news is that this will only happen in about a million years from now. While waiting for that to happen, i have recently done a bit of bird watching near a town called Bedong in the northern state of Kedah. What was supposed to be a casual and relaxing event has actually turned out to be an interesting if not a significant trip. As the saying goes "Some of the Greatest Discoveries in Science Were Found by Accident"
The first day of a few trips to this area started as early as 6.45am on 12 September 2016! Heard a few calls from a nightjar which i believe it came from the mo…

Bird Watching in an Enchanted Forest, A Field Report (AM) - June 2016

Like most hobbies, bird watching can also be very addictive. You will need to learn how to phase yourself. Too much of it will get you burned out while too little or infrequent trips might probably make you lost touch of its latest development and eventually your interest as well. When you are in the forest, you will at times felt like you are connected to nature. You will have this feeling when nature behave like what they are supposed to be in your presence. Have a look at this Emerald Dove (Chalcophaps indica) below.
At first it flew into a bare patch of ground in between some low bushes. It then moved around to look for some "tit-bits" to eat from the ground. Having done with its meal it stop and started to casually preened itself right in front of us.
There were no staging here, no meal worms given nor any extras were called in. This was nature at its natural best behavior. It did not bother the bird at all even when we moved around to photograph it. That was what the me…

Identification of Birds through Silhouette

If you have been doing bird watching with birders around the globe, you will probably accustomed of been woken up from your dreams in order to be at the birding site before sunrise. The more crazy ones would insist that you be up as early as 4.00am if you wish to see certain nocturnal birds. During those godly misty hours you might just be able to see a few silhouettes of flying birds which may at times look like a flying bat from a distance, vice versa. But no worries ! Through experience you should be able to roughly guess what those silhouettes represent. 
Here are several silhouettes of birds which i have managed to capture in my birding trips around Peninsular Malaysia. All images depicted here were taken in late 2015 to June this year (2016). Some of them were common birds and some are ........of course uncommon :-) See whether you can guess them all or if not some of it (note: some do show diagnostic structural shapes and features). If you are still unsure, their answers are a…