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Birding Trip - 11 May 2018

During the Renaissance era, explorers watched birds basically to discover new species of birds. Today watching birds means many things to many people. It could be a science, an art, a hobby or a combination of any of those. To me, birding is a time for me to chill out with the birds. They can also be your best friend forever to help you to distress.  Here are some of the endemic birds i have seen today.  Most of them were common though. 

I started birding at 7.00am and along the way i saw this not so happy looking bird. 
This Prina probably didn't slept well because it rained overnight.

As i entered the trail at 7.20am the scene was slightly different.  It was quite dark as compared to the path before the entrance of the trail. I thought this could be a new bird for me. So i tried to increased the ISO but still can't really nailed it. The two tone colors on its chest and belly had me flipping furiously at the field guide until i took its flight photos (see below).

I believe i…