A Starry Frog

It is rarely that i would come across an amphibian or a reptile in my trips. After all as you know they are mainly nocturnal creatures. To see one hopping in the jungle floor in a day time was like finding an exoplanet in a large milky way.

Thanks to the MNS Herp Group, i was able to identify this frog as a "White-Lipped Frog" (Hydrophylax labialis) and not a "common green frog" as earlier predicted. Asked an Indonesian, he would probably say: "Ini kodok dong bukan chok kodok" ! Could the word "hydro" in its scientific name means that it is associated with some water elements?
You could clearly see the twinkly spots on its entire upper part body. "A Sky Full of Stars" ! Not sure how or why the spots appear. Need to ask a herpetologist to know the answer.
It stood there for awhile before it hop deeper into the jungle.
This was another specimen which i have spotted nearby. Are they a pair and was trying to mate?
Talking about frogs there…

Birding in Jelebu - 1st Sept 2014

Malaysia is fortunate to have many good birding locations. Here are my top ten (10) birding locations which i would recommend to you before your life time warranty expires. They are based on my personal observations as well as field reports i.e. in terms of its accessibility, varieties and uniqueness.
In no particular order:

i) Gunung Ulu Kali, Pahang - for mountain birds and its uniqueness.
ii) Fraser's Hill, Pahang - for sub-montane birds and its varieties.
iii) Air Tawar-Kuala Muda Mudflats, Penang/Kedah - for its shore birds and varieties.
iv) National Park (Taman Negara), Pahang - for forest birds and varieties.
v) Panti Forest, Johor - for forest birds and varieties
vi) Pulau Mantanani, Sabah - for pelagic birds and its uniqueness.
vii) Danum Valley, Sabah - for forest birds and its uniqueness.
viii) Mount KK Park, Sabah, for mountain birds and its uniqueness.
ix) Kampung Felda/Ladang tebu, Chuping, Perlis - for rarity and varities.
x) Bukit Rengit, Pahang - for forest bird…

Birding trip to Sungai Perdik - July 2014.

My birding sweep of Ulu Langat forest area was concluded with a trip back to the forest of Sungai Perdik. As lightning never struck twice at the same location, there were no lifers in this trip. The good news was that there were a number of young/sub-adult birds sighted and also some familiar common winter birds were back. Weather was cloudy through out the day but the haze did not manage to penetrate these jungles.

I think this was a pair and they seem to be discussing some family planning matters.

This cuckoo was probably a sub-adult bird.
The brown patch on its breast suggest that this was a female. 

She was heard calling out for the male bird.

Here is the male looking down at his female companion from the top of the canopy. Took me awhile to determine which species this couple belong to as it has been a long time since i last saw a Scarlet.
What did you say?
I said "don't pee on my head" !