Appreciating Nature in Cameron Highlands - May 2017

Yup ! there were more strawberries than birds in Cameron Highlands but unlike those i have tried in lower land, these ones tasted really sweet.
It has been 22 years ago since i last set foot in this tourist land. Nothing much has change except that more hillsides were turned into agriculture lands. I stayed near the town called Brinchang which is just 9 km from Tanah Rata. Contrary to what most people have said the place is still cold especially during the night and in the early hours of the morning. The temperature then was between 16 -17 degrees.

While most people were comfortably tug inside their warm bed covers, i did what most birders would do i.e sneaking out in the early morning for birding activities. Weather was cloudy throughout the day and it rained almost every day in the evenings. Birding was done just along the road sides - recall the roadsides along Perdik or the old Gombak Road albeit with much more traffic. I could also hear the calls of Grey-throated Babbler, Stripp…

Great Crested Tern (Thalasseus bergii)

Photography is mainly about beauty while birding is all about discovery. When you mixed both hobbies together, you might just get some rewarding results ! Great Crested Tern are probably one of those few terns which you do not often see at the mudflats. Despite their widespread and year round resident status as reported by some books and sites, you could just occasionally encounter this magnificent tern when they go hunting for fish near the shoreline. Although they are not really pelagic birds but i do believe they spent most of their lives offshore. Feel free to immerse yourself into some of their stunning profiles below.

Differentiating between a Great Crested Tern and Lesser Crested Tern can be quite difficult if you do not have either photos or information to compare or look at.
Here are some field marks (gathered from various sources) of a Great Crested Tern which might be handy to you.
i) Yellowish bill ii) Slight down-curved bill iii) Mantle dark-grey iv) Shaggy nuchal crest …

Appreciating the Shorebirds of Peninsular Malaysia - 2017

There are many ways which one could appreciate and celebrate nature's beauty and splendour. It certainly has no limitation or boundaries attached. Bird watching is one of those hobbies which is closely connected to nature and here are some reasons why bird watching continues to amaze people around the globe.

A flock of Eurasian Curlew

Great Knot in flight

Initially i thought this could be a Black-naped Tern but the photo was taken near shore and its tail wasn't really forked. So it was most likely a Whiskered Tern with an enormous looking wing span.

Asian Dowitcher in flight

The above photo was taken in March 2017 showing some breeding feathers of Bar-tailed Godwit.

A flock of Caspian Tern and a lone Eurasian Curlew returning to their evening roost.

Mixed flock of shorebirds. 
It doesn't matter who is front of the pack as everyone will just follow the lead.

Do all birds always fly in "V" shape formation? Many reasons were mentioned by the literature on why some …